Hey Friends,

Growing up, I couldn't really find what I wanted to do with my life, so I did what everyone else did with theirs. College. Marriage. Started a Career. More College. More Career.

I'm not sure where I forgot how much I love taking photos. I remember being a kid and stealing film from a Wal-Mart for my little camera that I'm not sure my parents ever developed any film from. In high school, I covered my door in photos I took on a cheap Coolpix, that I think was my mom's, while getting my shots developed at the Kroger I worked at.

Ten years later my brother let me borrow a camera, and I fell in love with telling stories.

The first story I created was about a bike I found in my grandparents garage called Santa Fe. I would prop it up in random places around their neighborhood and take photos. I proudly shared these photos on my Instagram captioned "The Adventures of Santa Fe."

After this trip I bought my first camera, which helped me learn the basics of photography. I surrounded myself with the Nashville photography community that loved to take creative photos. One day, I jokingly made up a name for us, "Nashville Explorers Club." I started sharing photos of us going on adventures around town with hopes of inspiring the Nashville photography community to share locations and connect with other photographers to go exploring.

Two years later, I found myself with many of my stories untold and a baby boy (Jonas Abel) in my arms. With the gap between what Nashville Explorers Club is, and who I am as a photographer, I felt a need to tell my stories and photos of fatherhood and travel from my adventures all around the world.

And this is where my story begins.

— Josh Ness