Making the Cover: Relient K

It's not every day when you're sitting at a pool in Oahu when you get a text message asking if you want to take photos with Relient K. Talk about icing on the cake... Little did my friend know, Relient K had been my first show in Nashville, about 15 years ago, right after their first album release. I had spent so many years listening to The Anatomy of Tounge and Cheek that my inner middle school fan boy got super excited and jumped on the opportunity.

Working with Relient K was one of the best work experiences I've had. First of all Matt and Matt were some of the most respectful, kind people. They appreciated the work I've done before and simply asked if I could do what I normally do, but with them. They didn't ask me to take their next album cover, nor did they try to direct my vision for the shoot. We really just hung out like friends.

I decided that we should catch a sunrise at Narrows of the Harpeth State Park, which might be one of the best sunrise spots near Nashville, and take in the views at the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge. from there we grabbed breakfast at Loveless Cafe and called it a morning. In the afternoon, we drove out to Hatcher Dairy Farm's Airbnb, where Relient K had wrote most the songs on the album. After drinking caffeinated chocolate milk and shooting what felt like my own private concert, we called it a day and eagerly hopped into editing these.