Let Your Light Shine

With the Christmas season upcoming, Legacy Nashville's creative team started creating content for advent season. I was able to capture photos during their video shoot at Church of the Assumption in Nashville.

The concept revolved around finding light in the darkness, which I found more meaningful that we showed that it's difficult to find the light, even in the church. This year has been a challenging season where churches have been terrorized, even in our city. Churches around Christmas is a common safe haven for many this season, and we tried to capture the emotion of finding the light in the church. Even in our shoot, we had people seeking shelter from the cold in the church, and was just a reminder of what we were trying to create.

I had to shoot really underexposed due to the lack of light, and press the exposure in post, sometimes to +3. Really made me appreciate my Sony a7Rii and the ability to completely get the most out of sometimes nothing. Here's some of the black and white's from working with the creative team for the first time.