Taking the Streets w/ Nashville MTA

With Nashville's transit upgrade discussions stalling out and there being no immediate plans to resolve Nashville's growing traffic problems, Nashville MTA reached out to me to capture real moments of what it looks like to take the bus around town. There were no rules, no specific shots, no specifics at all, and this project stretched me further creatively than any project ever has.

This shoot lasted about 3 months and I was constantly challenged by the lack of direction, which forced me have to create a direction. Luckily, this project had a long timeline, so getting out on the bus every other weekend really helped define some ideas as to what I wanted to create. In these months, I learned more about street photography and it forced me to adopt different styles than the outdoors and landscape I was used to.

This project has inspire me to start something new. Check out the photos below, and my new street portfolio. I'm excited to do more street photography, and help bring more of this style to Nashville.