Bowling Like Kings

As someone who grew up hanging out in smoky bowling alleys, playing bowling alley arcade games, and later on bowling competitively (thanks Mom and Dad), I never really fancy the idea of going to a bowling alley. So when Jonas saw bowling on YouTube (thanks Bucket List Family) he immediately wanted to go. Now some may call it luck, others divinity, and some may say fate… But the same week, I got an E-mail from King’s Bowl in Franklin, TN to bring the family bowling and enjoy some food and drinks. Great.

So growing up, bowling alleys didn’t have more than pitchers of cheap beer and reheated frozen pizza, but I must say, I would go to King’s Bowl just to eat. Disclaimer, I’m not getting paid to say this. Here’s what I had: perfect ginger soy edamame, sweet chili wings, Nashville hot chicken fries, and ahi tuna tacos. I paired all of this delicious goodness with an old fashioned, which was made better than most bars I’ve been to in Nashville. Jess had a drink that was rimmed with pop rocks, and usually I don’t enjoy sweet drinks, but wow, it was really good.

Like most things with a toddler lately, bowling with Jonas was quite the chore, but a rewarding one. From making sure he doesn’t run down the lane, to him throwing the ball right onto the bumpers, running into the other lanes, dropping the ball on the flood, or just running off the basketball shoot, keeping up with Jonas was an adventure on it’s own. Still, between all the running around, Jonas somehow managed to bowl a strike and a couple spares. We definitely had a great time and now Jonas is using toys and a ball to bowl in the hallway at home, and I need to go back to get more of those hot chicken fries.