Jonas Shoots Film, Vol. 1

One of my favorite things about photography and shooting film is the day it comes back in the mail. To make it even more exciting, I had been buying Jonas his own disposable cameras to take with us on our adventures, and had three of them developed to see what he captures at the age of 2.

These photos date back to summer of last year, so it’s amazing to see some moments from our old house, to winter adventures, and pregnant Jess (When Win is already 2 months old!). I love encouraging Jonas to pursue creative outlets and passions and plan on printing these out for his room, and to continue to capture moments from his childhood.

If you want to do the same, here’s my process:

  1. Buy Disposable Cameras (Black and White or Waterproof)

  2. Send cameras to Boutique Film Labs. (The best in all the land)

  3. Scan in Film strips on your own using scanner. (this saves some money if you don’t mind the process, but Boutique will do it better)

  4. Save them forever and remember their childhood.

Some tips:

  1. Keep cameras and film in cool places.

  2. Buy disposables with flashes.

  3. Be OK with bad rolls and a ton of bad photos. One good photo is worth the whole roll IMO.

  4. The photos probably aren’t going to be professional quality. Do it for the memories and the fun.

Joshua NessComment