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Taking the Streets w/ Nashville MTA

With Nashville's transit upgrade discussions stalling out and there being no immediate plans to resolve Nashville's growing traffic problems, Nashville MTA reached out to me to capture real moments of what it looks like to take the bus around town. There were no rules, no specific shots, no specifics at all, and this project stretched me further creatively than any project ever has.

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Pigeon Forge - Summer of 2016

There's a few memories I have from going to Pigeon Forge when I was young, staying at the Holiday Inn, but this isn't the Pigeon Forge I remember any more. Except the Holiday Inn part, that's still pretty much the same. Pigeon Forge has grown to be one of the most family friendly places I've ever been, so when I was asked to photograph Pigeon Forge I knew I wanted to capture not only the fun environment, but the history of this town. 

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